buying foreclosed property

  1. Make any Significant repairs


Pay special attention to roof and ac issues, as buyers have a tendency to shy from costly repairs, Elliott says. “Completing as many repairs as your budget permits will pay off when potential buyers aren’t put off by the quantity of money or time they would have to bring the house up to speed,” he adds.


  1. Consider some Little upgrades


“Replacing old drapes and blinds or even fixtures and appliances will make your house look better in pictures and on showings,” L’Eplattenier states.


  1. Paint
    So long as you do not use one of those four colours, of course.


24. Certain home improvements that look like a fantastic idea may not really bring any value to your house — or, worse, could be a turnoff to potential buyers.


25. Even though there are variations by state or city, some kinds of vendor’s disclosure are usually mandated by law.


26. “Too much furniture makes a house look smaller than it truly is, so sell or move furniture out to make the house feel more spacious,” Phillips says.


  1. Tap a photographer


And think about hiring a professional. Strong listing photos make a huge difference when it comes to getting buyers over to your home.




“Multi-exposure photography… will create the pictures stand out, but if the windows are filthy, you do not get the best shots,” Haas says. “Plus, cleanliness generally just makes for a better showing.”




We are spelling out this just in case you had not taken the initiative to do this.

  1. Grout and glaze


“How can the bathroom seem?” Max says. “Do you have to reglaze the bathtub or place new grout on the tile?”