Chicago waterproofing


Minor seepage prevention — Again, the paint won’t prevent significant seepage, but it should do a wonderful job of preventing the little amounts of seepage you may see through very little cracks and cement porosity.

So as to work as planned though you will need to ensure paint satisfactorily gets into these tiny places, which leads me to my next point…

Fantastic idea right?

A paintbrush did a decent enough job of getting the paint to the very small holes in the concrete. It took me a good hour to trim the entire basement.

With a sprayer makes employing basement waterproofing paint easier.

This was terrible at getting to the holes in the cement. Also, due to the paint thickness, it took me FOR-EV-ER to roll one little wall.

So nearly another hour later, I had about 1/10 of my basement painted, which 1/10 looked like swiss cheese with no paint at the pockets.

While complaining to a friend at work the following day, I have thrown a lifeline. He volunteered to assist and he works cheap too — it only cost me a fresh spray tip and some Chicago deep dish pizza.

Since the paint is thicker, it takes a 0.023″-0.025″ tip. Standard paint normally utilizes 0.015″-0.019″ tips. We had the entire basement painted painted nicely, in under one hour.

If that is not an option for you, or they do not function as cheaply as my friends, you have a few choices:

It is definitely pricier than having a inexpensive friend, but might still be worth it instead of pulling out your hair rolling for hours. They provide 4 hour and day rentals.

I can’t envision a basement which could not get done in under 4 hours how those things cover. Pay attention to the sprayer tips that are accessible.

Buy One – If you are friendless, or your lame friends do not have paint sprayers then pony up some money for your own.

They are expensive but not outrageous. Additionally, with the money you are saving by not hiring painters – you are actually making money.