selling your houst fast

Stage your Residence


As soon as you’ve made home improvements, you can hire a house staging company for your entire house or just a couple rooms.


If you decide not to point, then you have to clean and declutter. If necessary, rent a storage device to temporarily save all but the most crucial pieces of furniture and decor.


See who Redfin customers recommend to make improvements and stage homes in your town.


Create curb appeal

After all that work on the inside, remember the exterior–it is the first thing people will see when they arrive to tour your property!


Take photos

Although you could take photographs yourself, professional real estate photography can help your house sell faster and for more money. Redfin discovered that sellers who employed a high quality lens and camera for their record photos got tens of thousands of dollars more for their possessions.


With Redfin, you will receive professional photographs along with a 3D Walkthrough™ at no cost. The interactive 3D scan allows buyers take a virtual tour of each corner of your house, whether they are across town or on another continent.


Touring houses and attending open houses

Speak with your broker about hosting an open house to get people in the door quicker. The quicker you can get people in your house, the faster you will begin seeing offers.


Negotiating to get a faster close

If a buyer is interested in making an offer, their broker will probably get in touch with your agent to see what’s going to inspire you to accept. Are you prepared to take less money if you’re able to close faster (normally closing takes 40 to 50 days) or when the purchaser waives contingencies? Your broker will affirm your plan with you before negotiating.


Accepting an offer and final

As soon as you accept an offer, you will enter the closing procedure.


Once everything is finished, you are going to pay the real estate agent commissions, get your cash, and hand over the keys!


If you market with a Redfin Agent, your broker will work hard to ensure a quick close.


The Way to Sell Your Home Fast Without Losing Your Shirt