water damage repair Los Angeles

Contact was made, the director made quick phone call to check us out a with their sister organization from a year before, and Cleantec was able to acquire the organization to support the mitigation initiatives to save this building that was essential to their services.


As highways became passable, and the Cleantec team started out to evaluate destruction, it became evident that this 75 year flood event got done massive damage to home. A foot of contaminated water had joined the facility. Three days and nights later, two feet joined with another flash ton. A situation of crisis had been declared and four days passed before waters receded and remediation could finally begin.


The project was quickly thought as an exercise in prioritization: how to begin? The water that entered the building was contaminated with gardening runoff and had recently been four days old in the beginning, a CAT 3 clean-up for certain. A thick soil, 1 inch deep, acquired been evenly deposited through the building.


The center was comprised of 66 offices, a commercial printing images shop, a health medical center, community rooms, foodservice facilities, a residential area activity room, numerous restrooms and other areas all with saturated drywall, contaminated furniture, and mud. It experienced been sitting for five days without power, them were wet, the building was packed with office furniture and private items which were wet, carpet and laminate floors were packed with water and mud, and it was mid-May, the seasonal heat and dampness was on the go up.