wedding photo booth Naperville

Not only will a larger booth be able to accommodate you and your very best friend perfectly, now you can jump indoors with a small group of people adding to the excitement. For weddings, a larger booth is vital! You’ll have the ability to receive all the bridesmaids along with the bride or groom to catch some of the most cherished pictures of this evening. The groom can get in there with his groomsmen or how about the bride and groom with a whole lot of the close friends. A larger booth equals more chances for priceless pictures. Most companies out there use a flat crop resulting in just enough space for approximately 3 individuals. Party Booths utilizes a vertical crop system that allows for perfect portraits in addition to allowing that much more room to properly pose for the larger groups also.

Print Quality: Most photo booth businesses use printers that don’t produce true photo quality prints in a bid to save time and money. If it’s possible, ask the potential organizations to mail you real sample photos so that you can compare the printing quality.

Picture Size: Ask how big the file sizes are which are made by the photo booth. You never know when you are going to get that”One in a Million” shot and if you do, you will want the choice to expand the print around 16 inches or even larger.

Redundancy: This is the wedding! Ensure the photo booth company that you choose has back up gear. You never know if a hard drive, flash, camera, printer, etc may fail.

Many of these”companies” run their business off a mobile phone and literally have just 1 booth. Uh oh! Be certain that you hire a respectable company whose reputation is obviously worth more than you will be paying for your lease.

Back Up Procedures: Request about the back up process of your files. Just how long will they keep the documents for you if you lose your DVD years later on? Can they save your valuable files on a spinning hard disk which may crash? Party Booths uses a tape back up system that keeps all its customers’ files save for years to come.